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Merit Based Seniority System

We wanted to build the Cedar River Terminal quickly. That meant we needed lots of help. To encourage friends to make time to help us we instituted a merit based seniority system that started with the ability to earn points by helping get the CRT up and running quickly. When operations started, those people having the most points would get the first choice of operating positions.

We continued the system for the life of the CRT adding points for people who continued to support our operations. I planned to reduce people's points by adding a demerit portion to the program but Dave was concerned we would make enemies that way so we never implemented the demerit portion. The ability to do so is included in the database, though.

User Notes

We left our data in the tables so you could play with it to see how it works. When you are ready to begin using it for your railroad, delete our employee data and enter your own and make any modifications to the points table that are appropriate for your railroad. Leave the total column blank.

When you want to tally employee points, click on the Sum Employee Points query first so it will do the math and fill in the total column. Then click on Seniority to get a list sorted by the total number of points each employee has with people having equal totals sorted by the date they earned their first points.

The reports section prints blank cards on business card stock. Be sure to replace our railroad name with yours. After printing fill in the detail by hand as employees earn points being sure to enter each in the employee table.

Merit Sample


The program is unsupported freeware using a Microsoft Access 97 database. You must have Access 97 or higher to run it.

Download Seniority.mdb

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