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Life on Wheels is a series of classes held in one location over several days to help people learn about living and traveling in recreational vehicles. This program is offered in several locations around the US at various times of the year.

We attended our first Life on Wheels at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ, in March of 2008. There were ten class periods spread over three days with ten classes offered during each period. We had to choose carefully which classes we would attend. Because this is a new lifestyle for us, I decided to focus on learning as much as I could about fulltiming and boondocking. Because we want to use primarily solar energy in our RV, Dave focused on taking as many classes as possible relating to that topic.

Thus Linda attended the following classes:

And Dave attended these classes:

What we learned, or at least learned to think about:

In addition to all the things we learned in classes, we also got to meet a lot of people:

Plus, we got to go inside people's rigs at an RV open house to see what neat adaptations they've made.

And we got to shop. The first night there was a free dinner at Beaudry RV where we could wander through rigs for sale to our heart's content. That was followed by dessert at Camping World and we all know what RVers do there. Plus, the convention site included a bookstore specializing in camping books and clothing. We had a $50 credit to spend in the bookstore. We used part of it to buy a couple of Nick Russell's books so we wouldn't mind so much having to miss some of his classes. He's a funny guy so I would have been content to take all classes from him if that wouldn't have made me feel guilty about not learning all the other things I needed to learn.

All in all, it was a great time and we are looking forward to going to our second Life on Wheels.

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