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Most everyone modifies a new home in some way. We started before even taking possession by having the dealer install more electrical outlets — both 110 volt and 12 volt ones everywhere we thought we might want to plug in something.

While we were deciding where we wanted those outlets we measured most of the cupboards and began placing samples of containers to start getting a sense of what might fit where.

Then, rather than spend another sleepless night guessing how everything was going to fit, we cut a piece of paper the size of the corner cupboard and started placing things on it to see what would fit.

Once we had possession of the RV we started doing our own modifications. The first thing we did was install a shelf in the former wardrobe so the printer could safely sit in there while we stored stuff above it. We were pleased to learn the table legs could still be stored in that cupboard.

One weekend our daughter came to help us move stuff into our new home. Here she and Dave are "testing" things. She didn't want to be photographed "watching" TV so she looked away.

And, of course, we started buying gadgets to fit our new lifestyle. This is a cool trivet I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I like the way it folds to fit into the utensil drawer then open to hold a hot pot.

This is one of my attempts to quiet some of the rattles. I'm talking about the fingertip towels stuffed under the stove and sink covers, not the rattles in Dave's brain as he works on his computer.

Of course, once we got the RV loaded we discovered we had put in too many heavy things so we had to start all over again. Most of the dishes we'd picked were replaced by lighter ones. The printer we bought just to fit in that cupboard had to go and the shelf went with it. One of the table tops and legs got left behind. The TV came down and was put into our storeroom to be replaced by my laptop. We still use some of those plastic shoe boxes and the cool trivet, though.

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